#1481 - Buckets & Tea NBA Show - Rumours, Rotations, and Lacklustre Lakers (with Marc Woizinski)


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Today, host Cathryn Naiker has special guest TSN Story Editor Marc Woizinski on to discuss:

  • Kevin Durant's knee injury and what that means for the Nets.
  • Frank Vogel on the hot seat; how hot is it? Is he really to blame for the Lakers lacklustre season?
  • Masai Ujiri told Stanley Johnson he couldn't play basketball and it changed his life; he now has a spot on the Lakers.
  • Other NBA rumours: the 76ers are allegedly not planning to move Ben Simmons at the deadline. Are they wasting Embiid’s prime?

In our Raptors homer moment, we evaluate the teams recent road trip and and look at Nick Nurse's semi controversial 7 man rotation. Is this good or bad for the team? Kyle Lowry missed his match up against us to go to an Eagles game?!?

And finally, in our Hot Girl Summer Nick Nurse Highlight of the Week, we get another facial expression for the ages.

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