No one is a monster: what a clinical psychologist thinks we should know about violence


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Dr Ahona Guha is a Melbourne-based Forensic and Clinical Psychologist.

Ahona works at pointy end of mental health and treatment - with people who have clinical presentations of harmful behaviours, trauma histories, and those who have offended against others - sexual offences (including against children) violence, stalking, arson…

Dr Ahona Guha, DPsych works in the field of forensic psychology to understand offending behaviours such as stalking, sex offending and intimate partner violence with the intention of assessing risk and providing psychological treatment to people who offend; thus contributing to community safety and the protection of victims. She believes it is important to understand and discuss these behaviours to ensure that people receive the treatment they need to stop offending. She also works with victims of trauma to support them with managing post-traumatic responses. She writes widely for the media on matters related to mental health, health, social justice, and equity, and her work has appeared in The Age, The Guardian, SBS, and ABC. She has a book on complex trauma, and the perpetration of harm forthcoming in 2023. All views are her own.



Host: Meshel Laurie. You can find her on Instagram

Co-Host: Emily Webb. You can find her on Instagram here and listen to her podcast Killer Content here.

Guest: Dr Ahona Guha. You can find Ahona on Instagram @drahonaguha and read some of her articles at Psychology Today and ABC Everyday - Google her. She’s written a lot of useful things.

Ahona has written a book on Trauma that will be released in early 2023 by Scribe Publications.

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