Ep. 5: We Have Another Rank and We Have Another Cry


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This is definitely our most Sega episode yet of Sega Mania Podcast - only took us five episodes to keep (mostly) on topic! Beginning this episode is a new segment: Games We Missed. Every episode, we'll be picking a game not reviewed in the magazine (up to 1994) to play and discuss on the pod.

This episode, we randomly drew Alex THE Kidd in Miracle World for Master System. It's a game we'd all played before, and one that...well, it's not great. If you're a huge fan of the game, prepare your ears because it's getting roasted.

We also return to ranking in this episode, and it's time to judge half the games covered in issue 2 of the mag (1991). Where do Sonic the Hedgehog, Castle of Illusion, Spider-Man vs The Kingpin, Dick Tracy, Quackshot and Decap Attack fit into our Sega Mania Official Rankings list? Will everyone fall out over Columns again?

Lastly, there's a couple of cracking listener questions that let us reminisce about the glory of 90s gaming mags and why they inspired us to do all this nonsense.

Enjoy, and don't forget to pre-order your copy of Sega Mania Magazine Issue 5 at www.sega-mania.com now!

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