Dr Duncan Webb on changing the law on Duties of Directors


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Dr Duncan Webb is the Labour MP for Christchurch Central and introduced a private Members' Bill which has been selected and is likely going to change Director Duties in a significant way. In this interview we spend a long time discussing the origins of the change, what it will mean, the process to have it passed and whether there could be changes before it is passed. We also jump back in time to learn about his history, moving to New Zealand at a young age, his career as an academic, Partner in a law firm and then the decision to stand for Parliament and winning the Christchurch Central seat in 2017. If you enjoy this episode then check out some of the other interviews of hundreds of others in the back catalogue and there is lots of info at www.theseeds.nz

Description of the changes we discuss and link to Stuff opinion piece: https://theseeds.nz/nz-duties-of-directors-set-for-major-change-what-will-this-mean/

Information on Duncan: https://www.labour.org.nz/duncanwebb

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