Oliver Cook & Calum McClure - The Scottish Gallery


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For the latest podcast Ali speaks to sculptor Oliver Cook and painter Calum McClure about their exhibitions at The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh (2nd-25th September).

'Exploring the relationship between light and movement and the translucent properties of alabaster through sculptural forms and everyday objects, Oliver Cook’s work challenges the viewer to reconsider their preconceptions of sculpture’s fixed nature.'

'Calum McClure has had five successful exhibitions with The Scottish Gallery and was an invited artist at the Annual Exhibition of the Royal Academy in London in 2012. McClure is a painter who immerses himself in the landscape, evoking different atmospheres, through the representation of light, shadow and reflections.'

Two for the price of one, when taken together the podcast offers real insight into the work and inspirations of two artists who ask us to look at the world with fresh perspectives, and reconsider our relationships with it.

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