Exposure - Kirsty Law


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For our first video podcast (or vodcast, as no one is calling it) in some time, SWH! made a welcome trip Doon the Watter to Dunoon Burgh Hall to talk to previous podcast guest Kirsty Law about 'Exposure' - an exhibition which is a result of a collaboration between Gilles Perring and Andy Metcalf. Focusing on the two artists' relationship with the Isle of Jura, 'Exposure' is a multi-media production it features music, painting, poetry, photography, sound sculpture, installation, and film.

Produced by Kirsty's multi-disciplinary production company and artist support service, Helm Arts, it's a thought-provoking and emotionally exciting exhibition which stimulates the senses as you lose yourself in Perring and Metcalf's Jura. Ali talks to Kirsty about how the project began, the differing, almost opposing, perspectives on the subject, each aspect of the final show, the plans for taking 'Exposure' around the country, her own role in proceedings, and a whole lot more.

As the arts begin to open up again it's a fascinating insight into what goes on behind the scenes of such an exhibition, and is a reminder as to how much the arts need an audience, and how the two have missed each other.

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