TalkCast 523 – The Middling Affliction & Cthulhu and You


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Our first guest is Alex Shvartsman here to talk about his first book in “The Conradverse”, The Middling Affliction. This book is a kind of interweaving urban fantasy which is based in New York City and emcompasses mythos, monsters, various religions, the druids and a dash of paranormal organized crime. It’s a great thriller and we get a chance to talk with Alex about a lot of the background behind the book and how it came to be as well as where the series is going.

Our second guest is Uncle Jason Ciaramella,one of the creators and writer of the C is for Cthulhu project about their current kickstarter, the Cthulhu brouhaha (I have always wanted to say that), how he got into this and turned lovecraftian horror into a children’s cottage industry.

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