TalkCast 521 – Kwelengsen Storm by David M. Kelly


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In this ‘Cast we get to talk with David M. Kelly about a spin off from a series of his Joe Ballen books. The first book in the Logan’s World series (see above) continues on worldbuilding in a near future. The beauty of this is Kelly’s meticulous attention to detail without going into technological detail allowing the story to flow and characters to develop. We had the opportunity to explore his process in depth and talk about his building development. Science in science fiction, when unobtrusively layered, is absolutely wonderful. Enjoy.

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We want to mention our good friend George O’Connor and companies nominations for The Ringo Awards. If you’re so inclined, follow the imbedded link and vote for one great bunch of people who produces one great book!

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What’s Capt. Cam Watching?

In tonight’s episode, he talks about Alan Moore and “Reading Bad Books”!

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