TalkCast 482 – A Friend Of A Friend Created A Nightmare


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Matthew DavenportIn the Lovcraftian universe there are very few rules. When I learned a friend of one of my very good Sci Fi writer friends, CT Phipps, (see Talkcasts 380, 425 and 475 ) had written a number of stories in this universe I became intrigued and we talked about it. He then suggested I read the works of Matthew Davenport and so I did and he joins us on this talkcast to discuss his “horrifying “works as well as his other “stuff”.

It turns out a multidisciplinary author and a multidisciplinary mind like Matt is damn interesting to talk to. A man of many talents and idea and genuinely fun, it was a new spin on lovecraftian noir for me and his character Andrew Doran who I was drawn to as both a very able protagonist as well as an extremely well written adversary to the underworld. It was a great relaxed conversation. Enjoy the subdued chaos.

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The Book of Yig: Revelations of the Serpent

The Book of Yig: Revelations of the Serpent

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