TalkCast 477- More Wales Watching with Marie Powell


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712v1UY1zSL._SX800_How does one get lost in their own interview? I have to admit, it was easy in this one. Marie Powell came by to take with us about her personal journey of discovery which began with an ancestral inquiry into her own Welsh background and culminated into this marvelous duology, Watersight (Last Of The Gifted); a project a monumental journey which took her over 15 years. Throughout this time the look into her past became her passion project and her growth into this wonderful fantasy/historical passion project which blossomed into the magical “Last Of The Gifted” world; part history, part fantasy and part pure magic from her mind.

Enjoy the conversation as it meanders over the Welsh countryside, both real and imaginary. What comes next for The Gifted?

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