70 years of Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Economic Service and the Sheep and Beef Survey, with Rob Davison


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Today we celebrate our 100th Scene + Herd podcast, and soon we will reach 100,000 unique downloads!

Rob Davison, who has been at B+LNZ for over 40 years talks about why the Economic Service was formed back in 1950, how they go about their job and what they provide for our red meat industry. Much of the information from the Farm Survey is available for you to use, free of charge, from our website or on request.

We posted our first podcast back in April 2016, and quickly learned that it is a great way for farmers to tune into interesting topics while keeping busy on-farm. We’ve covered everything from farm Health and Safety to consumer preferences in China, but hearing from farmers and other experts in farm management is one of the main reasons for the channel. If you’re a new listener or long-term, swipe to check out the most popular interviews.

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