Breakfeed: A growing interest in beef and sheepmeat in China, in the wake of COVID-19


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Breakfeeds are shorter podcasts from Beef + Lamb New Zealand

We’re joined by Hugh Good, B+LNZ’s Global Market Intelligence & Research Manager, to discuss the initial impact of COVID-19 on the behaviour of consumers in China, and what it means for our beef and sheepmeat. Some fascinating findings about what is happening as China comes out of the pandemic, including demand for red meat, changes in buying and eating patterns, and a boost for beef in comparison to pork. What does this mean for NZ exports, and will the impacts be long term? Plus, the value of social media as a source of market intelligence.

[EDIT: originally it was reported that wet market lockdown would be nationwide, this was amended later to only the closure of wet markets selling wild animals - others remained open. The podcast has been edited to reflect this.]

For more information, read our article here The full report is available at that link (PDF 2MB)

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