Episode 59: Shaping the Breath for a Happier Back


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This is a 75 minute Level 1-2 class taught live. We begin with breath work, exploring a few of the many different ways that the diaphragm can shape the torso and support the spine. There is a focus on recovering or regaining the natural lumbar curve that has disappeared for so many people who sit a lot. We will also do a number of shoulder external rotation practices which will help reverse forward leaning shoulders and a tight chest which are the effects of holding your phone and looking down a lot! You will need two blankets, two blocks, and a loop-able strap.

We will make a double blanket roll or cylinder. We will use the looped strap around the forearms, and the two blocks will stack on top of one another to place your front foot on them during anjaneyasana.
Sarah has been creating podcast classes since 2007. Each podcast is an originally crafted yoga class taught by Sarah Baumert. There are currently over 50 episodes that range in length, level and style. Sarah's teaching is alignment based, unhurried, and rich with somatic inquiries. The cueing is effective, easy to follow, and uses visualizations of postures to allow for unexpected growth and depth. You will find live unplugged versions of her classes from yoga studios, as well as classes that are specifically produced for the podcast medium.
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