Mastering Mindset to Find Greater Success in Sales w/ Linda Perry


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Have you ever caught yourself procrastinating? Has anxiety ever crept up on you while discussing certain topics at work?
What if we told you working to avoid these mindset traps would change your work-life drastically? You may not realize it but your mindset affects every professional decision you make.

So today I interviewed Linda Perry, an attorney turned Master Life Coach and lead business instructor for the Levin Life Coach Academy. She hosts a weekly podcast called Mindset First that focuses on helping entrepreneurs move past their head trash and tune into the strategic signals of their business.

And that could be you! So tune in to learn:

  • How her major career shift has helped people’s lives
  • Common symptoms of mindset traps
  • How to move past your head trash
  • Why business owners really need to think about their vision
  • Books Perry recommends you read

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