Journaling for Sales Growth with Jeremy DeMerchant


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Have you ever been so overwhelmed by all the sales calls, follow-ups and to-dos that you catch yourself not accomplishing anything? Well, I highly recommend you take a seat and try jotting everything down.

I find that journaling has really helped me get my strategy on point and keep my head clear before facing any challenge in sales. So in today’s episode, I discuss why you need to turn journaling into your next best habit.

Tune in to learn:
  • Why you NEED a to-do list
  • The benefits of journaling for sales growth
  • Dealing with overwhelm like a pro
  • The importance of jotting down ideas
  • Journaling to visualize your sales plans
  • My favourite journaling apps

And so much more!

Not in the mood to just listen? You can also watch the episode on my Youtube channel.

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