Achieving Level Five Selling with John Hoskins


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Have you ever wanted to grow and learn more with your team, but found you were all too busy to do so?

We understand that it can be exhausting to include coaching and education in an already hectic work week, but what we can tell you is: it will make all the difference!

So today, I invited a renowned author and founder of sales consultancy group, Level Five Selling, John Hoskins to tell you all about coaching.

Tune in to learn:
  • Why coaching is crucial for sales teams
  • How to make time for coaching
  • How to become a level five sales leader
  • Why you need to pre and post brief agents for calls
  • Hoskin’s exciting sales journey & process

And so much more!
You can bulk purchase the books discussed in this podcast at a discount by contacting John and his team. Or, to learn more about how Level Five Selling helps frontline sales leaders become masterful sales coaches, please contact them at or 800-975-6768 David Pearson Ext 701 John Hoskins Ext 702. They would welcome a call to discuss your needs.

Not in the mood to just listen? You can also watch the episode on my Youtube channel.

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