SN 120: "An Invasion from another Dimension: Mystery of Infinity Academy"


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Sailor Noob is the podcast where a Sailor Moon superfan and a total noob go episode by episode through the original Sailor Moon series!
The mystery deepens this week as a new adversary is revealed! With Hotaru missing, the Sailor Senshi must investigate Mugen Academy and face a final showdown with Mimete!
In this episode, we discuss the history of personal computing in Japan. We also talk about being held by Puu, asking Jeeves, being cooler than absolute zero, sci-fi apparati, finishing your explosion, mice and mouses, asking if Prince was computer-literate, scientific runes, "I, Pervert", future home wrecker, the Hit Bit, Moo PD, the Logitech Rat, a reverse black widow, and knowing when to whip it out!
We are all Mimete!
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