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Welcome to the Ocean Cruisers Podcast, hosted by Andy H

This week we are speaking with Marissa and Chris from Sailing Avocet

Marissa and Chris are based in Ventura, California and live on their Cheoy Lee 41

They bought their boat fresh out of college as newly weds with the intention of setting sail to cruise full time.

For the past 3 years they have been undertaking an extensive refit, stripping out their interior and completely renovating the exterior also, picking up some new skills along the way.

They produce videos for YouTube of their refit work to add to the sailing community for others to learn and benefit from, they also manage a great blog about their progress.

You can learn about Marissa and Chris on their YouTube sailing channel, Sailing Avocet.
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In October of 2021 The Ocean Cruisers Podcast will be holding their first annual charter in Greece hosted by Sail With George Charters in the beautiful island of Syros.

The ocean cruisers podcast will be hosting their first annual charter in October of 2021,

Hosted by sail with George Charters, in the beautiful island of Syros in Greece.

Joining us on a fabulous 56ft Ocean Star Sailing Yacht will be our Ocean Cruisers - Mandy & Alex of See the Little Things, Maddie & Herbie of The Rigging Doctor, Michal & Joel of Bums on a Boat, Judy and Steve of Sailing Fair Isle and Josh Post.

Follow us on our Instagram and Facebook page for regular updates and make sure you are following our guests YouTube channels to watch their coverage and keep your eye on our YouTube page for a full series of the charter

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