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Welcome to the Ocean Cruisers Podcast, hosted by Andy H

This week we are speaking to Dylan Magaster, Founder of the tiny homes Youtube channel Florb and Dylan Magaster Sailing

Dylan started travelling the world as soon as he possibly could, he took off to South America to start exploring and searching for alternative means to earn a living.
He started his adventures by travelling the world in a van and video documenting the experiences of people who self built tiny houses which became the popular YouTube channel, FLORB.

Ready for the next stage of his journey, Dylan decided the best means for him to see as much as possible was to travel by sailboat. So he bought a 1979 Morgan 382 in Spain after completing a one week sailing course.

He now has travelled over 6000 nautical miles through the Mediterranean and is currently cruising the Greek Islands

You can learn more and follow Dylans journey on his YouTube sailing channel, Dylan Magaster Sailing

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