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This week on the ocean cruisers podcast we are speaking with Dustin Reynolds who is also known as The Single Handed Sailor.

Dustin holds the world record for being the first double amputee to solo circumnavigate the planet.

Dustin has been living aboard full time since 2014 when he purchased his first boat, A 1968 35ft Alberg. He taught himself how to sail cruising around the waters of Hawaii before he decided to cross the pacific and start his Circumnavigation.

He reached Thailand and changed his boat for a Bristol 35 which he then used to complete his journey sailing around the Cape of Good Hope, across the Atlantic, and then heading back to Hawaii.

Dustin is now working on his first book about his life changing experiences and is about to start a speaking tour in the States.

If you want to learn more about Dustin you can visit his website http://www.thesinglehandedsailor.com
If you would like to show your gratitude for his trip and the experience's he is sharing with his followers please visit https://paypal.me/singlehandedsailor

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