Prince Charles Issues Dire Climate Warning (Again)


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RUSH: Back to Charlottesville, Virginia. Shelley, it’s great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush!

RUSH: Hey!

CALLER: Yeah. Shelley from Charlottesville, Virginia. I’m just wondering, Rush. I’ve been around for, oh, about five or six decades. I’ve seen a lot of politics either way, gone through a lot of presidents. I’m Republican, but I’ve had a lot of Democratic friends. Where do these crazy, super mental cases come from? I mean, it’s like they just came out of the woodwork one day and all of a sudden, all this crazy stuff starts happening. When did that happen, and where did they come from?

RUSH: Well, I’m actually glad you called out there, Shelley, because I myself had this reaction that you’re having within three months of Obama being inaugurated. All through the Bush years, I mean, we saw radical leftists out there, the anti-war people. But it was primarily in the media. I mean, during the Bush years, we had George W. Bush elected twice. John Kerry was a joke running in 2004, never really seriously a contender. Our problems then were that Bush was not reacting to the media — the destruction, his attempts to sabotage his regime and the wars and all this.

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