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RUSH: As I predicted, as I warned you all yesterday, gun control has become the central theme of the Drive-By Media after the tragedy here, the massacre at Virginia Tech. By the way, speaking of something that we were just talking about, this guy was sending out clear warning signs that he was not right, and nobody would do anything about it on the campus. I mean, they sent him to counseling. They don’t know how that went. He might have been taking anti-depressants. We don’t know what the effect of that was. He went to some institution for a while. We don’t know how that went. We also have just learned that the guy’s writings, which we did know about, but what we just learned is that the guy’s writings were so scary that there were people that refused to go to his class. They refused to actually go in the classroom when this guy was there. So there clearly were all kinds of warning signs about this that were not heeded in a serious way. As I say, it’s very easy to start running around saying, ‘Well, ban guns! It’s the GOP’s fault. It’s Bush’s fault! Get rid of the NRA,’ rather than actually deal with what circumstances people had known for years prior to this guy committing this random act.

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