You Know Goop But What About Droop! - S12 E8 ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ After Show


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The Queens participate in a reading mini challenge sponsored by Fab Fit Fun boxes. The main challenge is for the queens to design products for the new drag queen lifestyle brand called Droop. Guest host Bob Harper helps the queens with the commercials for their products, but he’s having trouble getting Jan to lower her energy. Jan is bummed because she didn’t win last week or because Brita went home, or both, which causes her to bomb the challenge. Widow is overwhelmed but she still has a touching moment with her idol, special guest Chaka Khan. The runway is black wedding themed and everyone slays, but ultimately it’s Heidi’s night.

Today's show was hosted by Jacque Borowski, Mark J. Freeman, Oliver Drennan, and Jayla Roxx.

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