Let it Go - S12 E6 ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Recap & Review w/ Jaymes Mansfield


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The queens compete in the Snatch Game with special guests Daniel Franzese and Jonathan Bennett. Miss Vanjie joins the work room to tell the queens what not to do in the Snatch Game. Highlights from the Snatch Game include a Lisa Rinna impression and a very saucy robot. Lowlights were a lackluster Jennifer Holliday impression, an off-the-Mark Patricia Quinn impersonation, and... another robot? The frozen inspired runway leaves everyone gagging and the “Let It Go” lip sync includes some delightful special effects.

Today's show was hosted by: Oliver Drennan, Jacque Borowski, Mark J. Freeman, Jayla Roxx and special guest Jaymes Mansfield!

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