Women Boks and RWC 2021 with Layla Arrison


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Kooks, Shaun and Thala are joined by Bulls player and SuperSport broadcaster Layla Arrison to review the group stages of the Rugby World Cup 2021.

We talk about the performance of the Women Boks, the players that impressed us like Aseza Hele, Simamkele Namba, Latsha Babalwa, Nomawethu Mabenge, Nadine Roos and Zintle Mpupha.

We talk about the challenges of playing as an amateur rugby player, the lack of opportunities for women rugby players in South Africa and how far (or close) are we from professionalism in women’s rugby. We also spend time in bidding farewell to a legend in the South African game, Zenay Jordaan.

We look at the rest of the exciting tournament and make our picks for who will win it all in a few weeks.

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