What the South African teams need to do to host a URC quarterfinal, Champions Cup quarterfinals predictions and Springboks who should’ve had more test caps


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Jared, Shaun and Thala get out their notebooks and discuss what each of the South African URC playoff teams need to work on if they want to win the competition.

We look at the Stormers tough win over an impressive young Leinster team and Deon Fourie’s impact. We discuss which of the non-Springbok superstar Sharks players has impressed us the most. We debate where Johan Grobelaar finds himself in the Springbok hooker pecking order.

We then preview and predict the Champions Cup matches for the weekend.

We discuss our First Phase question which was this week “Which Springboks do you think deserve more test caps” and compile a very competitive XV.

This week’s rugby shoutouts include a discussion of Spain’s disqualification from the men’s 2023 Rugby World Cup, celebrating the comeback of Rynhardt Elstadt to Toulouse and celebrating the career of Don Armand.

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