URC Review and Teams the Streets won’t forget with Carl Lewis


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The team is joined by Carl Lewis, head of content at Betcoza, our wonderful sponsors as we dive into the weekend’s URC Quarterfinals.

We start in Loftus and credit is give to Jake White’s Bulls team for their consistency throughout the competition and for outlasting the Sharks. We look into why the Sharks season finished below our expectations and what this means for the future of head coach Sean Everitt and incoming director of rugby Neil Powell. We rave about the monster performances from Marcell Coetzee, Canaan Moodie and Phepsi Buthelezi.

We move to Cape Town for the Stormers victory over Edinburgh. We all about the Stormers tight defence, the improvement in Herschel Jantjies’ play and Sacha Mngomezulu standing up strong in his debut and the colossal performance from Evan Roos.

We also spend some time reviewing the brilliant performance from James Hume which puts the final nail in the coffin of the Johan van Graan Munster era. We talk about Leinster putting up a cricket score on Glasgow.

In our First Phase segment we talk about teams the streets won’t forget and mention memorable teams such as the 1999 Stormers, 2010 Wallabies, 2012 Sharks and 2013 Cheetahs. Our weekend shoutouts include complimenting the Griquas and Pumas for their Currie Cup campaign and the Ines’s of the final weekend of the Top 14.

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