They don’t even go here: Springboks in the Six Nations debate


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The full squad discusses the big bombshell rumour about the Springboks replacing Italy in the Six Nations from 2025 onwards and the implications for the game in South Africa, the Six Nations itself, Italy (and other emerging nations in Europe) and the Rugby Championship.

A wide-ranging conversation which considers issues such as the development of the Tier 2 nations in general, Italy starting to get their structures right with their age group teams, how this would affect the Rugby Championship and World Rugby's renewed push for a Nations Championship. We then give each of the lads the power to be World Rugby Chairperson for the day and what they would do to fix international rugby.

We then look at the prospects of the South African URC teams playing their one-off fixtures in Europe this weekend and make predictions for Round 3 of the Six Nations.

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