The All Blacks are not sh*t and other expert analysis


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Kooks, Shaun and Thala kick off season 2 of the podcast with a big Rugby Championship preview.

We start in the First Phase segment discussing what their go-to imaginary rugby move is, which starts a discussion on the merits of a good sidestep around a shopper against offloading a water bottle out of contact.

Then we get into the meat of the Rugby Championship preview and each of us discusses what our biggest question for each of the teams are.

From questions about who the fullback of the Springboks will be, to whether Roger Tuivasa-Sheck sorts out the All Black midfield, to looking at who will replace Samu Kerevi and asking whether Michael Cheika will make the Pumas more consistent. The squad then predicts who they will win the Rugby Championship.

See why Shaun thinks South Africans are too nice as hosts of the All Blacks and Kooks’ epic rant about the kick off time of the Wallabies v Springbok game in Adelaide and why this should be grounds to kick Australia out of the Rugby Championship.

Apologies in advance to our Australian fans!

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