South African fullback riches, which SA team would do the best in an away knockout URC game Doug Howlett curses


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Kooks, Shaun and Thala huddle up for another classic episode of the RugbyBits podcast.

We start with our new segment, First Phase, and discuss our rugby conspiracy theories. Kooks shares what sorcery Doug Howlett used to keep his All Black try scoring record, Shaun laments the failed opportunity with the EP Kings and we wonder if Jared is actually a closet Bulls fan.

We move on to recap a great weekend of URC action where the fullbacks were the stars. The Stormers are legit title contenders, but the Sharks and Bulls are still finding consistency and the young Lions continue to learn every game. We get our calculators out to figure out playoff permutations and debate which South African team would do best in an away quarterfinal.

We finish off with our weekend shoutouts, which include Shaun finally throwing praise on Rieko Ioane’s play at 13 and the return of the English goat, Owen Farrell, to some of his best rugby.

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