Sixmas, return of the Gats and Wales loose forward options with Will Owen


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Jared and Thala are joined by Squidge Rugby’s Will Owen to do a deep dive discussion on how Wales look prior to the 2023 Six Nations.

We start by hearing Will’s thoughts on the state of the Wales Rugby Union after their CEO, Steve Philips, resigned amid allegations of sexism and racism in the WRU.

We then discuss what led to Wayne Pivac’s sacking and did a quick crash course on what to expect from Warrenball.

Will broke down the players that would benefit from Gatland coming back. We spend time discussing the likes of Tommy Reffell, Joe Hawkins, Christ Tshiunza and Kieran Hardy.

We finish with discussing predictions for the Six Nations, Taulupe Faletau versus Duane Vermeulen, RWC 2023 games we looking to attend, Santi Arata and why Damien Penaud would be a hit on the Six Nations Netflix series.

Follow Will Owen @will_owen9 and look out for his content on the Squidge Rugby channel on YouTube and follow the Owen brothers’ Squidge Rugby World Cup Retrospective podcast which looks back at the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

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