Separating the men from the boys - Six Nations Round 3 and SA URC mini-tour


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Thala is joined by Jared and Shaun to reflect on Six Nations Round 3 where the top teams started separating themselves from the rest.

We discuss France's continued march to the Six Nations title. Thala calls out the British and Irish Lions players in the Scotland team and we ponder why Kooks is always missing pods when Finn Russell has a stinker. While Shaun and Thala go off on another meh England performance, Jared reminds us they have won 2 from 3 and can still win the Six Nations. We also debate the uncontested scrum rules that clouded the Ireland v Italy game.

The lads are also encouraged by the performance of the South African URC teams in Europe this weekend, especially the Stormers and Lions in close losses. We debate how many of the SA URC teams will make the quarterfinals. We finish by discussing the crazy end to the Blues v Hurricanes game and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck's Super Rugby debut.

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