O’Mahony sledging, coaching gaffes, cards and Rugby World Cup qualifiers bonus pod


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In a bonus pod discussing the 2nd week of July tests, Shaun, Thala and Jared (until load shedding intervened) discussed an exciting weekend of international rugby.

We started with Ireland’s first victory against the All Blacks in New Zealand. We talk about Ireland’s impressive attack, Thala and Jared provide advice for Peter O’Mahony’s sledging of Sam Cane. Shaun breaks down all the different cards the All Blacks had, the officials confusion about how many All Blacks should be on the field and why Ireland need to be blamed.

Moving to Suncorp Stadium for England leveling their series against Australia, card talk dominates as we discuss what a deliberate knock on is and we look at what did England change from the first test.

We look at the other storylines from all over the world, including France climbing to 1st in the World Rugby rankings, Scotland completing a home nations clean sweep against the Rugby Championship nations, Georgia’s epic victory in the unofficial Six Nations relegation match and Romania’s victory with 14 men over Uruguay. We finish by looking at Rugby World Cup qualifiers as we congratulate Namibia for winning the Rugby Africa tournament and we look back to the USA’s first leg victory in Chile and the brilliant individual try from Rodorigo Fernandez

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