Neil Powell Tribute and a look ahead to Argentina


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Jared and Shaun are solo again as we wait for Thala to rejoin us and Racing 92 to win so Kooks comes back.

We take a look at Neil Powell's coaching career, one that is unlikely to be matched by anyone in the near future. He has amassed countless medals but the humble man lists other things as his greatest achievement as a coach, leader and mentor.

Jared speaks of how none of it is possible without Paul Treu and Shaun jokes at how the Springbok succession plan problem was solved way back then by the Blitzbok management.

We look ahead to the Rugby Championship match against Argentina with Jared giving some insights into what team will likely run out and what bench to expect in this must win fixture.

Shaun floats a hypothetical scenario he thought of should Elton Jantjies not return into the Springbok set up and how Damian Willemse is the biggest loser.

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