Libbok Impresses, Uncontested Scrums Rant and Fairly Rated Players


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Jared, Shaun and Thala review Week 3 of the Autumn Nations Series.

The boys start in Genoa with the Springboks’ 63-21 win over Italy. They discuss Willie Le Roux’s attacking impact, what Manie Libbok could add to the backline and how best Nienaber can set up the backline.

We look back to the crazy Scotland and Argentina card featuring 6 cards and over 10 tries and the crazy England and New Zealand draw.

We finally touch on the Irish win against Australia and Shaun has another go on Ireland from not learning from their mistakes in July. Thala sets out why Ireland and France have the stats to back them up as the main contenders for the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Our First Phase was a discussion of fairly rated players which featured mention of Juan Smith, JP Pietersen, Adi Jacobs and Tom Curry.

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