July Tests top performers and what did the countries learn from the test series


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Kooks and Thala paired up to review all the deciders during week 3 of the July test period.

In our First Phase segment, we looked at the best players from the July tests all over the word.

We then took a deep dive into the Springboks win in the 3rd test against Wales. We discuss what both sets of coaches learned from the test series, the growth in the Springboks’ attacking game plan, the emergence of Damian Willemse and Jaden Hendrikse, the importance of Willie le Roux and the standard Wales must play at in future.

We then move our focus to Ireland’s historic series victory against New Zealand. We rave about the Irish attack and look at what the All Blacks will do with their coaching staff and their team going forward.

We then look at England’s series win over Australia, Argentina’s last gasp test and series win over Scotland and Chile beating the United States to qualify for the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

We then rank the Tier 1 nations into ‘Contenders’, ‘Dark Horses’ and ‘Pretenders’ in preparation for the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

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