Josh van der Flier’s biltong bonus, Kriel defence & Willemse debate


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Jared, Shaun and Thala have a deep review of the Springboks’ 19-16 loss to Ireland in Dublin.

We debate the Damian Willemse selection at 10, how he performed, who should play with him and whether we see Manie Libbok in the next test.

We look at Willie Le Roux’s impact on the Bok attack, the struggles for the rolling maul and marvel at Jesse Kriel’s masterful defensive performance.

We also look at what Ireland did well, Jimmy O’Brien’s excellent debut off the bench, the maul-stopping James Ryan and whether the Irish loose trio (led by Johannesburg’s Josh van der Flier) is the best trio in the world.

We also debut a new segment called Quick Taps and discuss what changes we will see for the French game and what will the two teams take from this clash into their Rugby World Cup pool game.

Our First Phase discussed the worst kicks we’ve seen, which included a hilarious drop goal attempt at Hamilton Rugby Club.

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