Explicit Scrum Talk and Baby Pigeons


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Jared and Thala start off the year discussing the South African teams performances in Week 12 of the United Rugby Championship.

The boys discuss the Bulls victory over the Dragons, Lions being thrashed by Munster, a second-string Sharks side being beaten by Connacht and a last-gasp victory for Glasgow over the Stormers. They also reflect on the season so far for each side, look at how they doing in the URC stats table and what should be their goals for the remainder of the competition.

A preview of Week 3 of the European Champions Cup and Challenge Cup games is also done, which are must-win games for all of the South African teams for different reasons.

Our First Phase topic was best/funniest stories of meeting a rugby player in public, which include meeting Gurthrö Steenkamp at an ATM, Eben Etzebeth at Canal Walk and Butch James’ infamous party trick.

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