Do you love to hate Jesse Kriel?


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Shaun drives today as Kooks and Jared take a deeper look into the Springbok backline, Siya Kolisi and the loose trio.

The podcasts takes an unusual turn with the focus being mainly on the backline who played well against Australia and helped the Springboks to a bonus point win.

We start off with some news from around the world before our weekly segment called First Phase. This week we discuss our favorite Springbok wins, outside of the three RWC final triumphs.

We ask the question about Damian Willemse, where does he fit and how does that impact our squad and team selection as well as how things will be addressed for the final two games of the Rugby Championship with the Boks still very much in contention.

We conclude with a quick look into the upcoming tournaments that are getting back underway and a brief look at the World Cup Sevens being played in Cape Town.

Hot Takes, Truth Bombs and some Unpopular Opinions, enjoy!

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