Correction: The All Blacks actually are sh*t


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Jared, Shaun and Thala look back on the first game week of the Rugby Championship and South Africa’s 26-10 victory over New Zealand and Australia’s bonus point 41-26 victory in Argentina.

The team discusses whether this is the most impressive Springbok victory over New Zealand in the professional era, rave about Lukhanyo Am and marvel at how some second choice players like Jasper Wiese, Jaden Hendrikse and Damian Willemse have stepped up in their positions. We then look at what’s wrong with the All Blac… sorry, we mean New Zealand (they will have to earn the All Blacks nickname again). And where do they go from here regardless of result at Ellis Park.

We then look at the the big Brumbies influence for the Wallabies, the ill-discipline of Cheika’s Argentina and discuss Marcelo Bosch’s commentary, referee Mike Adamson’s Spanish and Jared’s Afrikaans.

Our First Phase segment discussed what our favourite second international teams are.

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