Bomb Squad debates, reaction to the Springbok squad and a Bledisloe Cup game on a THURSDAY??


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Kooks, Shaun and Thala break down the second round of the Rugby Championship, focusing on the Springboks defeat to the All Blacks at Ellis Park.

We debate whether the Bomb Squad and the 6-2 split has run its course, the backline reshuffle after Jesse Kriel’s injury and the fantastic performance of Lukhanyo Am on the wing. Kooks also reveals the true reason the Springboks lost.

On the All Blacks side, Shaun was forced to say nice things about Rieko Ioane at 13 and we discuss what New Zealand changed from last week to now.

We also react to the Nienaber’s 34-man squad for the Australian tour, the omission of Evan Roos, Deon Fourie entrusted as the 3rd choice hooker and whether there is space for both Frans Steyn and Andre Esterhuizen.

Join as we also look forward to which team is in the driving seat to win the Rugby Championship and Kooks has another epic rant about the early morning Adelaide Springbok test and the first Bledisloe Cup game on a Thursday!

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