An offbeat podcast on two books this week - Heidi attempts a Reverse Harem, and a fantasy romance that just didn't quite work


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Heidi wants to talk about two books this week she didn't finish - but for two very different reasons.
1. The first book - The Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley a fantasy romance was due to two problems. Her frustration that the authors made up fantasy language was never translated, so you never knew what the hero was saying. EVER! (A translator shows up but she isn't there very much!) And the heroine was about as interesting as a dish rag. (Also the author made some interesting choices about the Hero at the start of the book... more on that in the pod.)
If you don't want the snark, starting at minute 19 -
2. A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor by Kathryn Moon is a Reverse Harem. Heidi tried this genre, knowing it isn't her thing. This book is really great, but Heidi just can't do RH. She wanted to talk about it anyway because those of you that like RH, might really like this book! This is a positive review, just not Heidi's thing. She fell in love with one of the guys and that was it, it was too hard to read about the heroine with the others.

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