The Duke Undone - A frothy historical about an artist who paints a naked unconscious duke... then he finds out!


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The Duke Undone by Joanna Lowell has a fantastic heroine that drives the novel and keeps you wanting more to see her get her happy ever after. She's a starving artist trying to make her mark in a school that won't let her paint from life. Why can't women in the 1800s have live, naked male models? It's really stifling her creative process. So when she comes across a naked man in the alley, well, she takes a good look. Heidi definitely would have taken a good look too.
For the sake of art of course!
Since he's super hot, it gets burned in her brain and she paints him. Her finest work. And since she needs the money, she has to sell it. As he's a duke (unknown to her), his face is recognized and hijinks ensue from there.
Heidi describes her reaction to this fun tale. She loved Lucy, the heroine and the initial beginning of the novel was fun and made her laugh. It didn't quite keep that same tone throughout, although Lucy was a delight and a treasure the entire book. Come and find out why.
The Duke Undone by Joanna Lowell
Heidi uses a 1-10 system with 10 as the best. Each of the following categories can get a point: characters, romance, plot, climax, pacing, dialogue, world building, mechanics, overall impression, and authorial voice.

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