Jane's Warlord by Angela Knight - A Warlord from 300 years in the future comes to save Jane's life. He's hot, he's Alpha - he's awesome!


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Heidi discovered Angela Knight when she read about writing that Angela wrote (referenced below). In her book about writing, Angela used her own work to provide examples about things she was discussing. Heidi loved her paranormal/science fiction romances so much that she purchased them immediately.
In Jane's Warlord - Baran Arvid travels backwards in time to save Jane's life and defeat a time jumping serial killer. He has to be with Jane 24/7 as the serial killer is able to jump to her at any moment. Despite how hot he is, he likes her to obey his orders and that's a bit of a tough pill to swallow. Except... in the bedroom.
The sex scenes jump off the page, the action is part investigation/part action and is fast moving and intense. One of the best plots Heidi has read in a while. There is a reason this book won a ton of awards in 2004. The science fiction in this book will blow you away with its creativity.
At minute 45 Heidi discusses the sexy thesaurus - why it is so difficult to find good words to use for the female anatomy, yet not so hard for male parts. Minute 50, she ends with talking about the Mageverse Book 1 Vampire book which had the first chapter in the back of Jane's Warlord and most likely will be reviewed soon!
Also - if you like this book, Angela has werewolf and vampire books! Reviews coming soon!
Books mentioned in the podcast:
Master of the Moon by Angela Knight - Werewolf/Elf King book
Master of the Knight by Angela Knight - Vampire/Witch book and Book 1 of the Mageverse series
Passionate Ink by Angela Knight

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