Rock n Roll Grad School #69 Envy of None's Maiah Wynne


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No matter how well you think your spring is going, Maiah Wynne is having a better season than you. Her first album as part of the new group Envy of None is atop the charts around the world and she had a blast collaborating with her bandmates, one of whom is Alex Lifeson, formerly of Rush. The other two members of the group are Andy Curran and Alfio Annibalini. On top of that, Maiah is working on her own solo album, coming out later this year.
We talk about all of that, poutine and whether Alex might ever be up for some more touring with his new group.
For more information, check out Maiah's webpage or follow her on Twitter or Facebook. And you can check follow Envy of None on their website, Twitter or Facebook.

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