The Matrix Revolutions w/ Conrado Falco & Jason Carubia (ep146)


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🤖#Podcast🦖 Join Louie G along with Conrado “Cactus” Falco & Jason “Coffeetime” Carubia as we discuss every barista’s favorite sequel: The Matrix Revolutions -Why are none of the sequels called “The Matrix Reboots"? -Do programs sweat? -What’s a pod-born pencil-neck like you doin volunteering for my corps? We answer these questions and more! SPOILERS •Wargames •Existenz •Cloud Atlas •Mad Max •Eyes Wide Shut •Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory •Episode 1: The Phantom Menace •Toy Story •Firefly •Serenity •Tron •Independence Day •Superman •The Expanse •Return of the Jedi •Solo: A Star Wars Story •The Wizard of Oz •The Matrix Reloaded •The Matrix Resurrections •The Animatrix •and...Raised by Wolves - Send us your questions/comments/hatemail/extra money you have laying around! Wormholes - A new original series made by your favorite podcast host Conrado Falco (with some help from your other favorite podcast host: Louie G). Watch Season 1 now and subscribe to see Season 2 (Coming Soon!) The Criterion Project - Check out Conrado’s very own podcast where he and Rachel Wagner review every film in the Criterion Collection and tell you just how pretentious they are. Conrado’s article: A Trilogy on Trilogies There is no spoon…until the sequel The Matrix Wasn’t Even Necessary! (Business Insider) The Three Body Problem Abie Sidell is an independent filmmaker. Check out Abie’s new original movie “Cram” - A Rad Rhino Production Sockerbit Sweet & Swedish Candy Robots Vs Dinosaurs is a proud member of The Apocalypse Podcast Network Join Robots Vs Dinosaurs Discord! Lou is a featured comedy writer in the monthly sketch show Our Bar: Come and see Our Bar "Fresh" on April 6th in NYC and Join us every month for LIVE fresh original content!

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