Return to YOU after Divorce


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Divorce is painful but it can be the life altering event that triggers your greatest transformation. What if you can use the pain of divorce to become the most peaceful, self-loving, and truest version of you? What if you started living a life, designed by you, not anyone else. Listen in as Subconscious Reprogramming expert Dianah Johnson uses brain science to show you how to Return to You after divorce. Through a journey of self love and self-discovery, you will get practical tips and tools for feeling amazing in your own skin, knowing exactly what you want in this new chapter, and having the confidence to go after it. And not only that … with new clarity of who you are and what you deserve, you’ll learn the mindset tools to create a life that serves you after divorce. Dianah is creator of the life changing thought rewiring L.O.V.E. process and the RETURN TO YOU Institute where she has helped hundreds of women deepen their self love, live life on their own terms, and experience greater peace of mind after divorce. And now she’s here to support you.

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