Ep 113: Enhancing Your Charitable Giving


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Most Americans donate to charity yearly, and many have distinct goals in their retirement plan to meet annual charitable donations. Most also give cash … the tax-efficient way to give.

Hear Kevin and Tyler discuss ways to tax-optimize your charitable giving. Whether through bunching your deductions or using donations of appreciated stock, each coupled with a donor-advised fund can help you gain a bigger tax break and meet your charitable goals in the Retire Smarter way.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • Why we want to be more thoughtful of the why behind charitable giving. (4:20)
  • Details on the current standard tax deduction amounts. (11:25)
  • How you can utilize the bunching strategy to maximize deductions. (14:17)
  • An example of how clients typically approach giving. (17:11)
  • Assets you might consider giving instead of cash. (20:35)

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