Panel Discussion – Emergency Preparedness Planning for Persons with Disabilities


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In this podcast, Laura Maynard, a Managing Consultant at The Lewin Group, facilitates a panel discussion with Christina Mills, the Senior Director of Inclusive Policy and Advocacy at Elevance Health, Stephanie Rasmussen, the Vice President of Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) at Sunflower Health Plan in Kansas, and Sarah Fitzwater, the Director of Clinical Operations at iCircle in New York. During this discussion, panelists offer strategies and promising practices regarding Emergency Preparedness Planning for Persons with Disabilities. During emergencies and natural disasters, health plans play a critical role in addressing and protecting their members’ health, safety, and independence. For persons with disabilities and their caregivers, it is crucial for health plans to consider individual circumstances and needs in order to effectively prepare for emergencies and disasters. These podcasts, excerpted from an August 2022 webinar, provide information on creating and strengthening emergency practices embedded in individualized care plans and health plan processes. Enhanced emergency practices will assist members and their caregivers in navigating emergencies and natural disasters.

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