Rebroadcast of Future Proof: Reinventing Work in the Age of Acceleration with Diana Wu David #286


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This podcast episode is being released on the US Labor Day holiday. Therefore, I am rebroadcasting an episode where I spoke with Diana Wu David who is the author of Future Proof: Reinventing Work in an Age of Acceleration. If you have listened to this podcast long enough, you have heard me discuss a number of concepts that I attribute to Diana and her book.

Read you her about section on LinkedIn:

I am a former Financial Times executive, author of Future Proof: Reinventing Work in an Age of Acceleration, and an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School’s EMBA Global Asia. I started out my career working on high-level strategy as a management consultant and as an assistant to Dr. Henry Kissinger at Kissinger Associates in New York.

I work with global leaders, companies, and boards to enhance their ability to adapt, contribute, collaborate and grow. I am privileged to have consulted with or spoken to clients including the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, the World Bank, Expedia, Randstad, and Credit Suisse.

I write about the future of work for publications including Fast Company, Inc and Thrive and speak globally on the future of work, corporate governance and boards, and East-West issues.

I re-edited this episode and there is so much good stuff in it, that even if you listened to it when it was originally published in July of 2021, you should listen to it again.

There are a few terms that I want you to listen for in this episode:

  1. Identity foreclosure
  2. Revival of the guild
  3. Culture of experimentation

If you hear these terms you may want to relisten to those sections as I think they are important topics.

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For the full show notes and resources mentioned in the episode click here.

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